According to lore, David Ogilvy famously said that 
research is often used as a drunkard uses a lamppost –
for support rather than illumination

This is our rallying cry! For us, the answer doesn’t lie in data or facts themselves, but instead from the insights that emerge. In today’s data-driven world, we believe this statement rings even more true than before.

Based on this fundamental belief around the role of research, we started our own consultancy in 2018 and named it Lamppost Insights. We designed the company to support our brand partner’s immediate needs, but more importantly, to illuminate and inspire the best path forward.



Our team of consultants bring 20+ years of strategy and research experience in helping drive growth for brands via meaningful brand connections. Based on our work with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, we believe it’s essential to invest in building an authentic, meaningful connection between your brand and key audiences in your ecosystem.

We partner with brands to build thoughtful, customized solutions to complex problems across all stages of the brand development process – from understanding  your core audience and positioning thru to evaluating the impact of your marketing efforts.

No matter the stage of brand development, we help uncover underlying human truths to create impactful brand experiences that drive brand health and success. In everything we do, we use left and right brain thinking to generate fresh breakthrough ideas with rigor, clarity and inspiration.

How We Can Help




Customer Journey

Customer Satisfaction

Shopper Insights


Brand Tracking

White Space Opportunities

Values Alignment

Strategy Maximization

Brand Stretch


Creative Development

Concept Refinement

Communications Diagnosis

Communications Tracking


New Product Potential

Concept Development

Discrete Choice Modeling

Portfolio Maximization


In everything we do, we commit to being open minded, honest and bold while always remaining judgment free, respectful, and above all kind.

Brand Experts. We’re passionate about solving tricky brand problems and building strategies for success. You can count on us to sink our teeth into understanding your unique challenges and proactively offer an experienced point of view across all stages of an initiative.

Collaborative Partnership. We are dedicated to building deep partnerships where we’re consistently involved and become almost an extension of your team. As empathetic listeners, we work hand-in-hand with brands in a collaborative, nimble and thoughtful way.

Strategic Guidance. From our perspective, our worst nightmare is to deliver results that sit in a random folder on your network and never get used. We believe in providing strategic guidance at every step so you can use the insights we uncover to move forward and build action plans.

Some of Our Partners

Examples of Our Work

Unleashing the power of the minority shopper

Shopper Insights

What we did:

A blend of Quantitative surveys, Mobile Missions and Shop-Alongs among a traditionally hard-to-reach audience

How it helped:

  • Demonstrated the power of the audience
  • Determine shopping needs and mindsets for this lucrative audience
  • Guide strategic development targeted to a previously misunderstood audience

Using the sub-conscious to drive brand change

Understanding Emotional Equity

What we did:

Quantitative tracking using a mix of conscious and sub-conscious techniques

How it helped:

  • Uncovered emotional drivers of choice to differentiate from competition
  • Create intrinsic, values-driven system for new launches
  • Drive marketing efforts that combine emotional and rational marketplace opportunities.

From strategy maximization to creative placement

Communications Development

What we did:

Qualitative Friendship Groups and Quantitative Concept Maximization, followed by in-market shop-alongs

How it helped:

  • Determine the strongest strategic path forward
  • Uncover key influences and inflection points for strategic focus
  • Establish most effective imagery, locations, and storyline for new campaign launch

Helping maximize a new workforce platform

B2B Concept Maximization

What we did:

Mobile-Friendly Quantitative surveys among high-level business decision makers.

How it helped:

  • Establish hierarchy of choice in the category
  • Identify areas of new platform that resonate most strongly
  • Provide guidance on go-to-market strategies with sales team

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