“…Research is often used as a drunkard uses a lamppost –
for support rather than illumination.” 

— David Ogilvy

It never ceases to amaze us how right David Ogilvy was oh-so-many years ago. In todays data-driven world, his statement rings true even more so than ever before.

As researchers and strategic thinkers, we often turned to this line as a rallying cry.

We loved it so much that when we decided to start our own consultancy, it was only natural that we name it Lamppost Insights…the consultancy that builds research programs to support and illuminate ideas.



Our decades of experience in taking on client challenges, from the most complex to the most straightforward issues, puts us in a unique position to help our clients.

We build customized, multi-faceted quantitative and qualitative solutions to solve our client’s issues. By marrying tried and true approaches with cutting edge technology, we’re able to take data further than ever before, unlocking insights that would never have been discovered by others.

How we can help

Quantitative Solutions

  • Brand Equity Tracking
  • Communications Tracking
  • Communications Development and Maximization
  • Segmentation
  • A&U
  • Etc.

Qual/Quant Solutions

  • Journey Mapping
  • Shopper Insights
  • Media Consumption Diaries
  • Etc.


  • Make the complex digestible
  • Drive buy-in and adoption across the entire organization

Our Story



Our team has over 20 years of experience in helping brands large and small to elevate and maximize their brand experiences.

From big box retailers, to quick serve, to sports and athletic apparel, all the way to local furniture and beverages, we have learned what are the spoken (and often unspoken) motivators behind long-term brand loyalty.

Some of the brands we’ve had the privilege of calling our partner include:

Our Work

Shopper Insights

Unleashing the power of the minority shopper for a retail client.

What we did:

A blend of Quantitative surveys, Mobile Missions and Shop-Alongs among a traditionally hard-to-reach audience

How it helped:

  • Demonstrated the power of the audience
  • Determine shopping needs and mindsets for this lucrative audience
  • Guide strategic development targeted to a previously misunderstood audience

Understanding Emotional Equity

Using the sub-conscious to drive brand change for a major QSR brand.

What we did:

Quantitative tracking using a mix of conscious and sub-conscious techniques

How it helped:

  • Uncovered emotional drivers of choice to differentiate from competition
  • Create intrinsic, values-driven system for new launches
  • Drive marketing efforts that combine emotional and rational marketplace opportunities.

Communications Development

From strategy maximization to creative placement for a leading global apparel company

What we did:

Qualitative Friendship Groups and Quantitative Concept Maximization, followed by in-market shop-alongs

How it helped:

  • Determine the strongest strategic path forward
  • Uncover key influences and inflection points for strategic focus
  • Establish most effective imagery, locations, and storyline for new campaign launch

B2B Concept Maximization

Helping maximize a new workforce platform for the worldwide leader in talent management

What we did:

Mobile-Friendly Quantitative surveys among high-level business decision makers.

How it helped:

  • Establish hierarchy of choice in the category
  • Identify areas of new platform that resonate most strongly
  • Provide guidance on go-to-market strategies with sales team

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