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“Research is often used as a drunkard uses a lamppost –
for support rather than illumination.” 

— David Ogilvy



It never ceases to amaze us how right David Ogilvy was oh-so-many years ago. In todays data-driven world, his statement rings true even more so than ever before.

As researchers and strategic thinkers, we often turned to this line as a rallying cry.

We loved it so much that when we decided to start our own consultancy, it was only natural that we name it Lamppost Insights…the consultancy that builds research programs to support and illuminate ideas.



Our story-first approach, allows us to use our 20+ years of research experience along with solid strategic thinking to build a company where:


Insights are Discovered.

Ideas are Maximized.

Risk is Minimized.


Our deliverables go beyond data – we pride ourselves in turning data into stories that drives our clients’ business forward for success. As a result, many of our clients think of us as an extension of their teams.


If your interest is piqued* –

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*If it’s not, send us a note anyway so we know how we can get better. We might even reach out to you for more detail… Email Us Here